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In Singapore, every single cent counts – to us, it’s important to get our value for money! A traditional ice cream cart sells ice cream in a cone, or in bread, for the same price.

If a kiasu auntie wants to buy ice cream, which one should she get?

Assume that an ice cream cone is made up of an ice cream ball on top, and half an ice cream ball squashed inside the cone. Also assume that the ice cream in the bread is in the shape of a cuboid.


We’ll need to know the formulas to derive the volume of a sphere and a cuboid.

Let’s start with the ice cream cone. To find the volume of the ice cream “ball” on top of the cone, we need to know the volume of a sphere.

Formula for volume of sphere

= 43 π r3

Where r is the radius of the sphere.

If the radius of the ice cream ball is 3cm,

Volume of ice cream “ball”
= 43 π r3
= 43 (3.142) (3)3
= 113.11 cm3

Volume of ice cream squashed inside cone
= 0.5 x 113.11
= 56.56 cm3

Total volume of ice cream in ice cream cone
= 113.11 + 56.56
= 169.67 cm3

To find the volume of the ice cream inside the bread, we need to find the volume of a cuboid.

Formula for volume of cuboid

= length (l) x breadth (b) x height (h)

If we measure the ice cream inside the bread, and l = 10cm, b = 5cm, h = 3.5cm.

Volume of ice cream in bread
= l x b x h
= 10 x 5 x 3.5
= 175 cm3

So in this case, the volume of the ice cream in bread is slightly more than that of the ice cream cone. If the kiasu auntie wants to get more value for money, she should get the ice cream in bread.

Try it with your own ice cream, or use the formulas to compare the volumes of your other food!